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Samsung’s next smartphone will really have a removable battery

Samsung’s next smartphone will really have a removable battery

The world of smartphones has known a period in which practically all models possessed peculiarities that today would seem very strange to us. Among these we find the sector removable battery.

We remember, maybe even with a pinch of nostalgia, of the first smartphones of the Galaxy S series, which sported their removable battery. On the market they were available various alternatives, even larger than the stock one, and officially marketed by Samsung. This gave greater freedom to users.

For a decade now we have seen Android smartphones with integrated batteries, which can only be replaced by a specific intervention and which often requires qualified or experienced personnel. However, Samsung would be ready to go back to basics.

The new smartphone with removable battery from Samsung will be called Galaxy Xcover 6 Prowho will play the role again rugged phone of the South Korean home. In the last few hours, the user manual of the device has been leaked online, identified by the model code SM-G736B, in which we find clear references on how to manage the removable battery.

The images attached to the user manual, which you can find in gallery at the end of the article, clearly show how it will be possible to remove and apply the battery to the device in an easy way. The procedure is practically analogous to what was requested years ago for the first Galaxy S from Samsung.

According to what was recently leaked online, the new Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro is expected to have a processor Snapdragon 778Gcustomizable physical buttons, jack for headphones, side fingerprint sensor support microSD and a photo sensor wide angle which will flank the main one.

This spec should make it the device with removable battery most powerful on the market, openly challenging the recently arrived Fairphone 4. The presentation of Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro is scheduled for next time July 13we’ll see if it officially arrives in Italy as well.