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See all the files received on Whatsapp

See all the files received on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a APP that we all use, but almost all of us, but perhaps we don’t know everything about this great application, such as sending audio, adding contacts… Today we teach you how to know where all the files received in WhatsApp are located in a fast and very simple way.

At first, when we want to search for a photo that has been sent to us, and we know that it is in a conversation, what we do is enter that conversation and search the entire Timeline until we find it.

This method can be good if the conversation is short and we have the photo we want very close at hand. But… what happens when the photo is in a group of friends? Here this method can end our patience and we end up giving up the photo. To prevent this from happening, we have a somewhat hidden function that allows us to see all the files received on WhatsApp.


The first thing we have to do is enter the conversation in which we have the photo we want to search for. We have used a conversation of ours, so our chat is completely empty and we do not have any image received.

Once we are in the chat, we click on the name of the person or group of the chat we are in (as seen in the previous image). This will take us to another screen where our contact information, phone number, status… will appear.

As seen in the image, on this new screen a box appears that says “See all files”. Now we will have to click on this option and we will access all the images, videos… that we have sent and that have been sent to us.

Nothing appears for us because we have used an example conversation, but on this new screen we can see all the files received on WhatsApp.

Therefore, in this way, we will be able to access in a much faster way all those files that we have received or that we have sent, without having to search through the entire Timeline of the conversation, a very direct way of finding that photo that we want.

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