See what the Xbox Series X dashboard looks like

With the premiere of the Xbox Series X, which will take place in November this year, Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem will undergo a significant facelift. Microsoft not only has high hopes for the changes, but is also extremely proud of them, so much so that it has just published an over three-minute trailer presenting the upcoming news. We learn from it that the refreshed interface can be found both on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, as well as in the Xbox mobile application.

The company’s engineers boast that they not only simplified the appearance of the console menu, making it clearer, but also improved its functionalitymaking it easy to access all the options you need. This is the result of the opinions of players who criticized the recent dashboard versions due to low intuitiveness and excessive complexity. Microsoft representatives also guarantee that the operation of the interface has been further optimized, which allowed to reduce the resources consumed by the console and accelerated the work and responsiveness of the commands issued.

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