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Send Youtube videos by Whatsapp on iPhone

Send Youtube videos by Whatsapp on iPhone

Today we are going to teach you send Youtube videos by Whatsapp on iPhone.

Youtube videos by Whatsapp

Something that we have all wanted to do at some point is to download and share a YouTube video with a friend. But until now, to do this, we could only copy the video link and send it via Whatsapp. Something that was a bit heavy.

From now on, you can download videos from Youtube (to find out how, you can go to HERE) and share them directly via Whatsapp. To do this, we have to have downloaded the APP FileMaster (you can know more about this app HERE), an application that will allow us to download and send YouTube videos via Whatsapp…


As we have mentioned, you must have FileMaster installed. Once installed, we enter it and download the video (above we have left the link to know how to download videos from YouTube).

Once everything is downloaded, we will have to go to the main menu, and go to the folder that says “Download” and click on it.

When entering the folder, we see all the videos downloaded with the APP, we choose the one we want to send and select it, keeping it pressed.

By holding down, we will see how a menu is displayed. In this menu we will have to click on “Open with”.

By clicking on this option, another menu will be displayed with the applications that we can choose to open the video. As what interests us is to send it by WhatsApp, we click on the icon of this APP.

Clicking on WhatsApp will open the application. Now all that remains for us is to choose the contact to whom we want to send the video we have downloaded.

And in this very simple way, we can send YouTube videos by Whatsapp, having previously downloaded them. Ideal if we want to share videos with our friends or whoever we want.

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