Sharpen your wits with Escape Room Thinking Games

Escape Room Thinking Games is a puzzle game in which we will have to escape from different rooms in which we are locked.

It’s time to think about this game

Puzzle and puzzle games are some of which have their own category in the App Store. It is not for less since it is one of the categories of games most loved by many users. And today we are talking about one of these types of games that is quite interesting.

The game is called Escape Room and in its own name it includes that it is about thinking games. It is based, basically, on getting through the levels escaping from different habitations in which we are locked in solving puzzles.

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Escape Room Thinking Games has more than 500 totally different levels

We are, therefore, in a habituation with the door closed. Our mission is to get out of it and for this we have to interact with the different elements in the room. There are some with whom we will not be able to interact but with others we can.

Sharpen your wits with Escape Room Thinking Games

Will you be able to solve the riddles?

And in those with which we can interact we can find elements or objects that will help us to advance in the level and be able to open or interact with other objects. Or, also, we can find riddles to continue advancing.

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As often happens in this type of game, we find some really simple puzzles and others that are much more complex. But the general trend is that they get more and more complicated as we progress through the different levels in the game.

Sharpen your wits with Escape Room Thinking Games

One of the one level solutions

Escape Room It works by means of energy so if we run out of it we will not be able to continue playing until it has been refilled or we have bought more through integrated purchases. In any case, the more than 500 levels of the game are free, so if you like brain teasers and puzzles we recommend them.

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Download this puzzle game in which to escape rooms