SIM card not recognized in Samsung Galaxy A10e

You just bought a Samsung Galaxy A10e and as soon as you turn it on, it gives you the following error message: SIM card not recognized. From time to time, the Samsung Galaxy A10e does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this case, it is not necessarily useful to bring back the Samsung Galaxy A10e directly. In practice, there are valuable solutions to solve this problem, so we will see in this post what you can do and check that the SIM card is recognized in the Samsung Galaxy A10e.

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What to do when the SIM card is not recognized on the Samsung Galaxy A10e

If the SIM card is not recognized on the Samsung Galaxy A10e, here is a list of tips that can help you determine the source of the problem, see how to fix the problem.

Clean the SIM card

One of the first things to do if the SIM card is not recognized on the Samsung Galaxy A10e is to clean it. In fact, it often happens that dirt blocks contact between the SIM card and the mobile phone. To remove dust, wipe it off with a cloth and see if it is damaged.

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Check the location of the SIM card on the Samsung Galaxy A10e

It can often happen that the problem comes from the location of the SIM card. In fact, it constantly happens that the mini metal plugs that should normally come into contact with the SIM card are slightly relaxed. When it does, it prevents the Samsung Galaxy A10e from reading the SIM card. To solve this problem, you just need to thicken the SIM card by adding a piece or two of tape on the back.

Test the SIM card in a second device

To find out if the problem is coming from your SIM card, you can try it on a second phone and you will have your answer. If it is not recognized by other smartphones, you need to change the SIM card.

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Try a second SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy A10e

If the 2 steps above don’t work, just try another SIM card to see if the problem is with the card. Undoubtedly, if another SIM card works in the Samsung Galaxy A10e, it means that the problem is with the SIM card. Otherwise, it is better to look at your smartphone.

Make sure the Samsung Galaxy A10e is not a Simlocker

If you have tested multiple SIM cards in your Samsung Galaxy A10e and none are recognized, it is possible that your mobile phone is Simlocker. This implies that the Samsung Galaxy A10e will only be able to recognize the SIM cards of a certain operator. In this case, you will need to unlock it. You will easily find a large number of offers on the Internet that have the opportunity to do so.

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Be careful that the problem does not come from the ROM installed on the Samsung Galaxy A10e

This part is of particular interest to people who have rooted the Samsung Galaxy A10e to install an aftermarket ROM. If this is really your case, you should know that the unrecognized SIM card problem is quite common after installing a ROM. Therefore, we recommend that you reinstall an original ROM and try it again.

If nothing works

If all the above tricks do not work, we recommend that you return your Samsung Galaxy A10e and the SIM card to one of the carrier’s stores.

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