Snapchat gives away whoever takes snaps with the Record Screen function

Quiet. Snapchat give away whoever uses the “Screen Recording” feature to record your stories.

Snapchat gives away if you videotape someone’s snaps

All users of Snapchat, you can find us as APPerlas, we were afraid that the new screen recording function, which is added to the new control center of iOS 11, could allow anyone to record our stories on video. The developers have been very attentive to this and have acted accordingly.

Before the “Screen Recording” function was added to iOS, the ghost’s social network already warned us who made screenshots of our content.

Looking at our history of snaps published in the last 24 hours, a green symbol appeared on the side of the content, “telling us” that a screenshot has been taken and who it was.

Screenshot on Snapchat

Now, after the publication of iOS 11, the possibility is added to our iPhone, In addition to being able to capture, also to be able to record on video everything we see through the mobile screen. That is why we can easily record the history of Snapchat of any user.

Snapchat gives away whoever records your story:

How do you hear it.

Yesterday I noticed that someone took a lot of screenshots, in a row, of my story. The thing pissed me off a lot and I got in touch with him. After chatting and asking for explanations I realized that possibly Snapchat be aware of who records you.

Snapchat reveals whoever records us

I did the experiment of recording the story of a person I follow, and everything worked.

The person I recorded told me that I made a lot of captures of his story.

It is in this way that Snapchat gives away to the person who records your story on video.

This, at least to me, leaves me much calmer. We will know who is recording us and we will be able to ask for explanations of why they do it and what purpose this video has.

We still need to try the famous airplane mode with which, supposedly, you can see and capture snaps without the other person noticing. As soon as we try it, we will put it in this article.

Without further ado, say that if you are users of Snapchat … we are in luck.