Sony didn’t show off with the cheaper PS5 model; the analyst criticizes

The analyst believes that Sony made an ill-considered move with the PS5 Digital Edition.


  • Analyst Michael Pachter believes that Sony did not show off with two PS5 models.
  • Sony is expected to lose nearly $ 50 on the non-drive model on each console.
  • According to him, players will choose the more expensive version, and in the long run, the model without a drive will cease to be produced.
  • One of the most popular analysts in the gaming industry – Michael Pachter – believesthat Sony “gave the body” with its decision to release PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The biggest problem for the company is the cost of production of this console model and the price that Sony wishes (recall – PLN 1899).

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    Pachter believes that a Japanese company it will have trouble making up for the loss it will make on every console sold. In his opinion, even considering that Sony earns $ 6 more on every digitally purchased game than on a boxed release, the decision to prepare such a console was not wise.

    I believe Sony gave the bodies in this aspect. As far as I know, the cost of producing a PS5 is around $ 450, so on a regular Sony model it is zero at most. He loses about $ 50 on the Digital model. Even if we take into account that a digitally purchased game brings them $ 6 more than the box version, it is still not enough. People would have to buy a lot of digital games. And I doubt it.

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    The analyst also believes that over time Sony will gradually reduce the number of non-motorized consoles produced, as players will prefer to add a bit more money and buy the motorized version. Of course, he points out that there is currently no data to support his theses, and admits that both versions of the console have actually sold out. Ultimately, however, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be thrown into the trash.

    It may be puzzling, however, that Pachter (who does not enjoy much esteem among players) ignored the fact that people will pay for the PlayStation Plus subscription, which will also amortize the cost that Sony has to bear when introducing the new console to the market. In the end, whether Pachter was right, we will probably find out in a few months.

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