Speed, Graffiti and Skate with Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio, one of the classic Sega games comes to mobile devices with the same action and the same adventure as always. With its innovative “cel shading” graphics technique, which gives a “cartoon” look, as if you were playing inside a chapter of your favorite animated series.

You will have to fight for control of the city of Tokyo (Japan), make graffiti to mark your territory, sign the walls, perform all kinds of maneuvers with your skateboard, and challenge the rival gang; But don’t forget that the police are always on the lookout.

Jet Set Radio Features

  • It has a basic tutorial to learn to play quickly and easily.
  • This version includes the Sega Heritage Collection, which includes high-resolution graphics.
  • You will be able to apply the graffiti just by passing your fingers over the screen of your mobile device. You can also include photographs that you take with your device and include them in the game.
  • While playing you can exclusively listen to Pirate Radio! Jet Set Radio, with 30 completely original songs from the game. (You will be able to keep 29 of the 30 songs in the original Dreamcast edition.)
  • Wide catalog of graffiti, new and old classics; also the option to create your own designs, which you can leave all over the city, be it on walls, posters, cars and even in the area of ​​your rivals.
  • You can get more than 10 controllable characters for your gang (each one has exclusive graffiti).

Download Jet Set Radio

A one-of-a-kind game that allows you not only to have a thrilling adventure on skates, but also to let out the urban artist in you.

Jet Set Radio It is priced at € 1.82, and is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices Android 2.2 and later versions.