Spotify mimics radio with playlist for drivers

Spotify is launching a new playlist called Your Daily Drive that will incorporate news podcasts. Starting today, US users will be able to listen to the music they already enjoy, along with new music recommendations, with some news on the podcast. Anyone can access the playlist, regardless of whether they are driving.

The Wall Street Journal, NPR and Public Radio International will provide the audio clips of the news. News and music will be updated throughout the day, unlike other popular playlists on the platform. For example, Discover Weekly is only updated once a week; Meanwhile, other custom playlists like Your Daily Mix only update once a day.

Spotify app tests podcast playlists

This new playlist joins other Spotify playlists in promoting podcasts. The Verge reported earlier this month that the Spotify app is testing five different podcast-only playlists that are curated by humans. While those playlists are only in the testing phase for five percent of users in multiple countries, Your Daily Drive is available to all US users.

Today’s playlist also comes a month after Spotify announced its first hardware project, Car Thing. It is designed to collect data on how people consume audio in the car. Spotify’s automatic audio ambitions mean the company can’t be good at music. This Spotify playlist is closer to the radio formula, where news enters the mix of songs from time to time, although the new format does not yet include weather and traffic, the two things most relevant to music. drivers.