Spotify takes over the radio with its own daily morning show

The music streaming service of Spotify take the radio with launch today of the company’s first daily morning show, «The Get Up«. Like other morning shows designed for travelers, the new show will be host-led and combine news, pop culture, entertainment and music. But in the case of Spotify, the music is personalized for the listener,

Nevertheless, the show is not a live show. Unlike morning radio shows where content is streamed live and often also involves interactions with listeners, such as calls or contests, the Spotify show is pre-recorded and available as a playlist.

That means you can listen anytime after its release to 7 am ET in the mornings Monday through Friday.

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Too you can choose to skip parts of the schedule, like music or part of the talk, if you prefer. (SpotifyTo be clear, he refers to the show as a podcast, but the format actually divides the radio-like content of the presenters from the individual music tracks. In other words, it’s more like a mixed media playlist than a traditional podcast.)

Spotify takes over the radio with personalized music

Another key thing that makes Spotify programming different from a radio show is that music is personalized for the listener. Of course, that is not always ideal. If you prefer to listen to new music during your trip, but have been busy streaming old songs on the Spotify service, your morning show will reflect those trends. There is currently no way to program the show more directly by genre either.

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The show itself is hosted by three people: the journalist Speedy morman, formerly of Complex; YouTuber Kat Lazo, known for her series “The Kat Call”; and Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan, director of cultural associations and internal talent at Spotify.

The new playlist will be available Monday through Friday mornings at the Made for You and Driving hubs on Spotify for both free and premium subscribers in the US You can also access the show directly from