Stadia Makers Introduces 10 Upcoming Indie Games

Last year, Google unveiled the program Stadia Makers as a way for developers to do independent games and get funding and support to move your next games to the cloud. Today, Google is sharing a look at the next 10 games that will soon be a part of Stadia Makers, including fan-favorite Skyclimbers.

Since its launch, Stadia Makers has brought a handful of decent games, particularly those created with the Unity engine, to Stadia players, with Kaze and the Wild Masks and Nanotale: Typing Chronicles as the most recent releases. Today on the Stadia community blog, Google shared that the Stadia Makers program has partnered with more developers, as well as a kind of timeline for upcoming releases.

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The next Stadia Makers game coming to the platform, on April 15, it will be The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark, a “serial adventure game” full of supernatural mysteries and part of the first batch of Stadia Makers games. Separately, the first game in the Darkside Detective series launches today on Stadia, allowing mystery fans to immerse themselves in crime-solving action.

Next, the release on May 13, “Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator” it’s just what it says on the tin, a business simulation game that puts you in charge of the business of a winery and the surrounding vineyard.

A new action adventure game for Google Stadia

This summer, FORECLOSED is a cyberpunk-style action-adventure game in which you take on the role of Evan Kapnos, a man on a mission to regain his identity. Meanwhile, the previously announced Stadia Makers game Figment 2: Creed Valley was delayed until its release in fall 2021, while Death Carnival does not yet have a release window.

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The Stadia Makers program is also working to support standalone games that won’t necessarily be coming out in the foreseeable future. The best example of this is Skyclimbers, a game similar to Breath of the Wild that recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign, thanks in part to overwhelming support from the Stadia community. On Google’s part, to show its support, Skyclimbers is now part of the Stadia Makers program.

Clerks fans rejoice as the Stadia Makers program is helping bring Askewniverse to Stadia with upcoming side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch.

Or for fans of RPGs, the Stadia Makers show has three upcoming games that may pique your interest. GRIME is an action-adventure RPG in which your weapons come to life and mutate to aid you in your battles. SHE DREAMS ELSEWHEREAs the name suggests, it focuses on dreams as you help Thalia “cope with her nightmares.” Lastly, Merek’s Market reverses the roles of an RPG and puts you in charge of a medieval gear shop.

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