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Switching from iPhone to Android is now even easier

Switching from iPhone to Android is now even easier

Google has announced that support for its app “Switch to Android” on iOS it is available on all smartphones with Android 12. In practice, any iPhone owner will be able to use the application to “move” to the SamaGame without particular difficulties. Previously, however, this excellent feature was reserved for Google’s Pixels.

In detail, to copy data such as apps, photos, contacts and messages, it will be enough to connect the iPhone to the Android device via Wi-Fi or with a Lightning to USB-C cable. Incidentally, Google, in addition to this announcement, has published a post on its blog highlighting the 10 reasons so iOS users should switch to an Android smartphone.

Between these, the ability to use application such as Messages, Google Meet, Google Play and Gboard, or enjoy the privacy protection provided by the operating system as “Android helps defeat malicious apps, malware, phishing and spam and helps you stay one step ahead of threats. The app Messages, for example, help protect people from 1.5 billion spam messages a month. ” Furthermore, the Mountain View giant also highlighted the opportunity to customize the phone screen thanks to widgets.

On the contrary, instead, there is the app “Move to iOS”, which allows Android users to switch to iOS by transferring data such as messages, contacts, calendar events, photos, and more. Finally, speaking of Android and iOS, recently Greg Joswiak, Apple’s chief marketing officer accused Samsung of copying the Cupertino technology, making “a poor copy, putting a bigger screen around it”. This speech is included in the documentary edited by Joanna Stern of the “Wall Street Journal” on the occasion of 15th anniversary of iPhone debut (June 29, 2007).