The best free android wallpaper apps

Free Android Wallpapers One of the peculiarities that has always been common to all Android smartphone models on the market is the high degree of customization that users who rely on the famous green robot have at their disposal. By customization we mean both the functional aspect of the Android operating system and the graphical aspect of the user interface. Among the most basic and impactful operations that can be carried out on Android smartphones is the personalization of the background system. It should be noted that now Android allows...

Eleven free apps to install for Android Auto

Android Auto for smartphones has definitely greeted us, but that does not mean that Google has abandoned his vehicle interfaceindeed at the last I the search giant has announced many new features, with one more flexible user interface and clear to make it easier navigation. And then there’s the new Assistant Driving Mode. Android Auto offers features rated to viabilitya real modern and always updated infotainment system to offer a timely navigationquick access to messages And phone callsas well as obviously for music And podcast and, why not, also to...

Action Launcher will also be a pleasure for free users: update coming soon

The world of Android smartphones has always offered the possibility of customizing the user interface to everyone, even those who do not perform modding, by installing third party launcher. Over the years we have seen the most popular Android launchers alternate on the scene and, in the last period, Action Launcher it was one of the names that have proved most consistent over time. In the last few hours Chris Lacythe one behind the creation of Action Launcher, announced some big news for the launcher. There is a new update...

The most outstanding free apps for iPhone, for a limited time, today

these are the best free apps for a limited timewhich are currently available in the apps Store. Some ephemeral offers that if you don’t take advantage of them, they can disappear at any time. Free apps for a limited time We welcome you to the weekend with the best free apps of the moment. Apps that are normally paid for and that, thanks to the benevolence of their developers, have been made totally free in the app store of Manzana. This week we have some games for iPhone and iPad...
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