Switching from iPhone to Android is now even easier

Google has announced that support for its app “Switch to Android” on iOS it is available on all smartphones with Android 12. In practice, any iPhone owner will be able to use the application to “move” to the SamaGame without particular difficulties. Previously, however, this excellent feature was reserved for Google’s Pixels. In detail, to copy data such as apps, photos, contacts and messages, it will be enough to connect the iPhone to the Android device via Wi-Fi or with a Lightning to USB-C cable. Incidentally, Google, in addition to...

How to View Shazam History on iPhone

We teach you a magnificent trick to view shazam history on iphone quickly and easily. If you use this song detection app a lot, you will love it for sure. Shazam is one of the first apps I downloaded on my first iPhone. Being able to capture what song you are listening to wherever you are is one of the functions that I use the most on a daily basis. I am in love with music. Since you can have Shazam in the control center of the iPhone without the...

The most outstanding free apps for iPhone, for a limited time, today

these are the best free apps for a limited timewhich are currently available in the apps Store. Some ephemeral offers that if you don’t take advantage of them, they can disappear at any time. Free apps for a limited time We welcome you to the weekend with the best free apps of the moment. Apps that are normally paid for and that, thanks to the benevolence of their developers, have been made totally free in the app store of Manzana. This week we have some games for iPhone and iPad...

The most interesting new apps arriving on iPhone in the last week

We tell you what were the new apps for iPhone and iPad, highlights of the week. We bring you five apps so you can have a great time over the next few days. New apps for iOS devices Again Thursday and, again, we bring you the most interesting releases of the week. new apps that have caught our attention, among the many that have come to the app store in recent days, and that we named you in one of our star sections. This week we bring you interesting tools...

One week with iOS 16 on my iPhone 13 Pro

The Beta of iOS 16 came out in early June for the developeders of Apple applications knew what to expect and the evolution of the new operating system. iOS 16 lock screen The new operating system that Apple has created, iOS 16, is new in many things, there are more than 50 new features to draw our attention, but the battery issue is what most worries people when installing it. Everyone asks about the performance of the device. I have noticed that there are applications that do not work correctly,...

These could be the capacities of the batteries of the iPhone 14

The possible capabilities of futures iPhone 14in all its possible versions, have been leaked a few months after its presentation. News about iPhone 14 There are just over two months left to find out what the future ones will be like iPhone of Manzana. If everything goes according to plan, they will be called iPhone 14with its variables Max Y Proand we should see the presentation of the same in September 2022. As the months go by, we can see a continuous trickle of rumors and leaks. Among all these...

App to create musical rhythms from the iPhone and iPad

If you want create musical rhythms In a simple, fun and amazingly effective way, we are talking about an application that you will surely get hooked on. App to create musical rhythms Since we downloaded this iPhone app, is entering it and not being able to stop creating rhythms. Thanks to AI, it allows us to create music in a very simple and fun way. Arenawhich is called the app, gives us instant inspiration, billions of musical results and guaranteed foolproof rhythms. The app’s artificial intelligence technology listens to the...

WhatsApp notifications do not arrive on the iPhone or Apple Watch

We tell you what to do when, for no apparent reason, WhatsApp notifications do not arrive to the iPhone. If you have thought about everything and you do not know the reason why it can happen to you, in this article we are going to tell you how to solve it. WhatsApp notifications do not arrive on iPhone The fault in the whatsapp notifications many can be classified as paranormal phenomena. Without knowing the reason, one day you just stop receiving them and you can go crazy looking for the...

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone with Switch to iOS

Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone for years it was an impossible, or at least very complicated, operation. There has never been an official, effective, safe solution. It was necessary to use third-party services, often for a fee, to which the data contained in the WhatsApp chats were entrusted, in the hope that the migration would work, and that the confidentiality of the conversations would not be compromised. Fortunately, things have recently changed, and it is now possible to use the app “Switch to iOS” also for move WhatsApp...
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