Telegram Premium on Android (and not only): how to subscribe at a reduced price (legal!)

Telegram Premium has been a reality for a few days: many more functions, at the cost of € 5.99 per month. What if we told you that on Android there is a perfectly legal way to pay the subscription only € 3.99 / month?

Telegram Premium on Android with apk

Perhaps not all readers are aware of it, but Telegram for Android is not only distributed through the Google Play Store, but also on the official website of the messaging app.

Just go to, preferably directly from the browser of your smartphone, and click on “Download Telegram” to download the official apk of the app. As also specified on the site, this version of Telegram has fewer restrictions and receives automatic updates directly from This is a very important step, but we’ll get back to it shortly.

Once downloaded the Telegram apk on your phone, you will have to install it (in case you have the Telegram version of the Play Store it is better to uninstall it first). Just click on the download notification, or open it through a file manager of your choice, but in both cases you will have to give the app used to open it the permissions to install unknown apps.

No problem: the app itself will ask you for them, and you just have to enable them. If you have any problems just hold your finger on the app icon, select the app information, scroll down to Install unknown appsclick on it, and enable allow from this source. Below you will find all the illustrated steps, complete with a short animation, and a dedicated video will also arrive during the day.

In the end, in short, you will have a “new” Telegram app installed, identical to that of the Play Store, but with the particularity of not having any ties with the Android store, and therefore with Google, which is vital for reduce the price of Telegram Premium.

How to subscribe to Telegram Premium at a discounted price

All right, you have a “new” Telegram app installed on your smartphone. After logging in to it, open it and go to the side menu, then choosing the item Settings.

Scrolling down a bit you should see an option called just Telegram Premium, through which you can subscribe. If not, it means that the version of Telegram you have downloaded is lower than 8.8.2, which is necessary to be able to subscribe.

Don’t panic: Telegram updates itself automatically. You will only have to wait a few hours (or even less) and it will be the app itself to notify you that there is an update ready to install. As soon as available, update, restart Telegram, and at the end you will have the coveted Telegram Premium item in the Settings menu.

Click on it and you will be in front of a screen like the one below, with the price to subscribe to Telegram Premium of € 3.99 against the conventional € 5.99.

How is this possible? Simple: in this way, not having passed the Play Store, Telegram will not have to pay any commission to Google, and therefore can afford to reduce the price. There transaction it will in fact be processed directly by Telegram.

Can we trust them? Is this method safe? Undoubtedly, going through Google Play would certainly represent one further guarantee, but it is still Telegram that we are talking about, a famous messaging app used by millions of people around the world; the fact is that in case of problems you will have to turn to her.

The method just described therefore has undoubted economic advantages for the user, but it will certainly not be frowned upon by Google. Until now Telegram did not offer in-app purchases, so the problem did not arise, but it is not said that now BigG cannot take action.

The problem of payments outside the Google and Apple stores it is very much debated, and the first ruptures are already underway; however, it seems that slowly an opening is being reached (the famous one with Spotify), but it is not yet the moment in which anyone can offer their own payment alternatives, and this one of Telegram, being a novelty, is still to be evaluated .

In this regard, we remind you that there is no such option on the iPhone, because Apple doesn’t allow you to install applications from unknown sources. Only Android users can benefit, for now, until proven otherwise.

Caution then: the exact same procedure applies to the apps for Windows, macOS and Linux available on the official website. Even in that case, in fact, the charge goes directly to Telegram, without intermediaries, which allows you to reduce the price.