The 3 best olympic games for Android

The Olympics is the largest and most popular sporting event in words. Almost all countries participate in this mega event, and the current Olympic games included 33 sports disciplines, which is really interesting and fun. Also now we can get a complete Olympic experience on our Android mobile, because in this post, we are going to talk about the 3 best olympic games for Android, with all the functions and mechanics of mega olympians, so let’s get started.

Sonic At The Olympic Games

Sonic At The Olympic Game is the official Android game of Tokyo 2021. In this game we can enjoy more than 15 Olympic games events with 3D graphics and smooth gameplay.

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List of the 15 events: badminton, long jump, table tennis, fencing, trampoline, javelin throw, karate, archery, 100m, 200m hurdles, shooting, diving, sport climbing, BMX and hammer throwing.

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Summer Sports Event

Summer sports event is highly rated and popular game, more than 50 Olympic games included in this game to experience the full Olympic summer, and also this is 3D game with amazing cut scenes and animations.

Major Summer Sports Event Games and Events: football, basketball, swimming, tennis, cycling, athletics, shooting, badminton, etc.

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Athletics 3: Summer Sports

This game comes with better graphics and game quality, Athletics 3 game allows to play 42 sports olympic games with unique local multiplayer function.

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You can use the split screen feature in this game, if you want to compete against your friends on one device.

Sports games available in Athletiics 3d: Clay pigeon shooting, rapid shooting, weightlifting, archery, mountain biking, target shooting, fencing and 30 more.

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And so far the best Android Olympic games!