The 5 most outstanding new games on the APP STORE

5 fantastic games are the ones that have arrived this week on the App Store.

If you did not know, every Thursday, the central day of the week, Apple around 6pm. update the applications that appear in the App Store, adding new ones, highlighting the current ones, making compilations by theme, etc…. Today Friday we want to tell you about the 5 most outstanding games that have come to iPhone and iPad.

One of the categories of applications that receives the most news on a weekly basis is, without a doubt, games. Every week an infinity of new idle apps appear to install on our devices and enjoy the little leisure time that many of us have. Not everything is going to be working and attending to the basic tasks of our life, right?

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There have been many games that have arrived but there are 5 that have caught our attention and we will comment on them below.


To download the one that interests you, click on its name.

  • WARLOCK’S TOWER: 100 phases in 5 different worlds await us in this puzzle game inspired by the GameBoy, do you remember this console ?. Highly recommended for people who like old-fashioned games. Games that we have all played and that, from our point of view, were much more addictive than the current ones.

  • MISSILEMAN: Fantastic high-speed vertical game that is extremely engaging. A shooter in which we must dodge, shoot … and in which reflexes are an essential part to overcome each phase. One of those games that you start playing and you don’t stop… come one more… come another… come the last… hehehehe.
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  • FELIS: SAVE ALL THE CATS: Fantastic adventure in which we will have to save all the cats we find. They will follow you if you manage to free them. An exciting game, with graphics worthy of a console, that we recommend you download. You will not regret.

  • I LOVE HUE: Puzzle-like game in which we must reposition colors to create perfect color spectra. Very relaxing and fun, we recommend playing it, if you are a lover of this type of game.

  • FIRE EMBLEM HEROES: We already told you yesterday about him. It is the new Nintendo game that is sweeping downloads and receiving very good ratings. Quite the opposite of what happened with Mario Bros Run. A turn-based battle game that will catch you.
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We hope you have been interested and have discovered adventures to play in the next few weeks.

All the best.