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The Android lockscreen could get crowded, between dedicated apps and advertisements

The Android lockscreen could get crowded, between dedicated apps and advertisements

Among the things we look at most of all during our days there is obviously the smartphone, the object that accompanies us from when we wake up until we go to sleep. And the lock screen it is what we see every time we activate it. For the SamaGame there are on the horizon important news in this sense.

The lockscreen of Android smartphones currently offers quick information quite contained: among all there is the indication of the time and notifications, then the weather information and calendar appointments. Other Android manufacturers offer customizations additional to stock Android, but the future could be very different. Glance is the name of the app that could revolutionize the concept of lockscreen on Android. As indicated by TechChrunch, Glance is expected to arrive on select Android smartphone models in the coming months starting in US market.

Glance provides for the inclusion in the lock screen of various contents that we still do not find: news, updates, video content and photos. In short, the Android lockscreen could turn into a real feed, a bit like what Snapchat Discover offers. All obviously surrounded by advertisements.

Glance is a subsidiary of India’s InMobi Group, which expects to generate revenue through the ads included in the lock screens, thanks to the fact that these are viewed on average 65 times a day by US users. In Asia Glance is already present for approx 400 million of users, with collaborations with Samsung and Xiaomi. Furthermore, Google is also an investor in the company.

The concept behind Glance is pretty clear: the lock screen will substitute largely the functions performed by the various apps and online search tools, such as Google Discover. Integrating advertisements into the Android experience will be one way to generate revenueprobably in exchange for a savings for users on smartphone prices.

The approach is consistent with the Apple’s visionwhich with iOS 16 chose to make the lock screen more central in the user experience. This could also lead to less smartphone use, as more information will already be available from the lockscreen.

The novelty will also constitute a new opportunity for developers, which will also be able to integrate their contents into the lock screen. It remains to be seen how much this will take hold. At the moment, the intentions of an expansion of Glance ai have not been officially expressed European markets.