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The Apple Watch Series 8 could include this interesting function

The Apple Watch Series 8 could include this interesting function

The future Apple Watch Series 8 could include an interesting function that could be very useful in our day to day.

Is this the Apple Watch Series 8?

September is around the corner. On some specific date yet to be known and, together with the definitive launch of iOS 16we should see the launch of the new iPhone 14in all its models.

of the future iPhone of Manzana Almost all the details are known, although there is a time left for its launch. And it is that, through different leaks, it has been possible to know a lot about its design and its characteristics.

This Battery Saving Mode for the Apple Watch Series 8 would be similar to the one currently on the iPhone:

But, although this happens with the iPhone 14the same does not happen with another device of Manzana which we hope will be released, too, in September. We are talking about the next smartwatch from Manzanathe Apple Watch Series 8.

Of Apple Watch Series 8 rather few details are known. It is rumored, from the Series 7, that we may see a complete redesign that is similar to the iPhone. And also that it is likely that include new health sensors.

Apple Watch Battery

But now, a well-known leaker, bets on the arrival of a very interesting and useful function for our day to day with the Apple Watch Series 8. We are talking about a new low consumption or battery saving mode.

Currently, Apple Watch has a mode Battery saving, that the only thing that allows is to see the time. But this new way of Low consumption or of Battery savingit would be more similar to that of the iPhone and would allow us to make use of some functions and apps of the clock.

That if, from what it seems, and although the presentation of this function with watch OS 9it will only arrive for the Apple Watch Series 8. That implies that it will be presented as an exclusive function with the launch of said device. What do you think of this function? And what do you think that it will only reach the future Apple Watch Series 8?