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The Audios will reach the WhatsApp states

The Audios will reach the WhatsApp states

Since WhatsApp they are testing the possibility of uploading Audio States in the states of the instant messaging application.

Will this feature come to WhatsApp?

Some time ago, in WhatsApp, are testing and adding various features. Recently the reactions came to the application and, the other day, it was confirmed that in them we could start using any emoji we wanted.

It was also discovered that they were testing one of the features most requested by users of the application: the possibility of hide in “online” state, so that people cannot know when we are inside the app. And this we are sure will arrive shortly.

The Audio States in WhatsApp are in beta phase

But now, thanks to the beta phases of the application, a feature that draws quite a lot of attention has been discovered. And it is striking, precisely, because it is a function that had not been heard of or suggested at any time.

It is about the possibility of raising audio o Voice messages to the States of the application WhatsApp. These states, the equivalent of the Stories either stories of Instagramallow as in many other networks, upload photos, videos or text.

The new icon in the States

But in the latest betas, as we indicated, a microphone appears as a new option in the States along with the well-known Pencil to add Text and the Camera to upload both photos and videos to the States.

This, being located in the section to upload States, seems to indicate that, in the future, Audio States can also be uploaded in the application. In the most ******* Twitter style with its recently released voice Tweets.

Of course, this function draws quite a lot of attention. And, taking into account the little use that is given to the States of WhatsApp, we don’t know if it will be completely welcome. What do you think about it?