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The best free android wallpaper apps

The best free android wallpaper apps

Free Android Wallpapers

One of the peculiarities that has always been common to all Android smartphone models on the market is the high degree of customization that users who rely on the famous green robot have at their disposal.

By customization we mean both the functional aspect of the Android operating system and the graphical aspect of the user interface. Among the most basic and impactful operations that can be carried out on Android smartphones is the personalization of the background system. It should be noted that now Android allows customization of both system background than that of lock screenwhich may also differ from each other.

So let’s go see what the best free apps to find wallpapers for Android devices. What we are about to see are all free apps, which do not require any payment for the download of the wallpapers they offer.


Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpapers it is certainly among the most interesting and richest in content apps. For years, Google has been enriching its collections of wallpapers, available for free to anyone who installs the app. As you can see from the screenshots in the gallery, several collections based on various themes are available.


Another historical app among those that offer free wallpapers for Android is Zedge. The app is available on the Play Store for free download and offers numerous alternatives to choose from. Among these there are also animated wallpaper.


WellPaper is OnePlus official app for wallpapers. The app offers many alternatives and among the most interesting features we find the possibility of setting wallpapers that reflect the usage statistics of the smartphone and specific apps. High degree of customization e animated wallpaper included. You can find it for free on the Play Store.


Also Walli is among the most interesting apps for those who are looking for wallpapers for Android devices. Walli offers several collections from which to draw, which also include animated wallpapers. Walli includes in-app purchases, through which you can unlock additional content and features. There are advertisements.


WallsPy is an interesting wallpaper app mainly for the peculiarity of allowing users to create images starting from predefined gradients and bases. Alternatives are also available in 4K. There are advertisements but the app is available for free download on the Play Store.

How to set a wallpaper on Android

Customizing the system wallpaper on Android is a lot simple. There procedure it can be done from the launcher you are using or directly from the system settings. Let’s see how:

  1. Find your chosen wallpaper.
  2. Download the wallpaper to the internal memory of the device.
  3. Open System Settings.
  4. Open the Wallpaper and Style section (this item may vary depending on the Android smartphone model).
  5. Select the wallpaper by looking in the folder where it was stored.

Similarly you can set the wallpaper directly from the gallery some pictures:

  1. Open the Gallery app on your smartphone.
  2. Select the image to set as wallpaper.
  3. Open the contextual menu for the image, usually marked by 3 dots arranged vertically.
  4. Select the Use as wallpaper option.

Similarly, for both of the procedures described, you can select an image to set it as lock screen wallpaper. All Android models allow you to set an image as both system wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper.