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The best free apps, for a limited time, for iPhone today

The best free apps, for a limited time, for iPhone today

The best apps on offer, of the moment, they are here. They go from costing money to being free for a limited time so… RUN AND DOWNLOAD THEM!!!.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad

The weekend is here and… what better time to download free apps?. We bring you the best offers for a limited time, of the moment. Take advantage, download them and try them throughout the weekend.

If you want to be informed daily of this type of offers for a limited time, follow us on Telegram. Every day we share the best free apps of the moment. This week our followers have saved a lot of money by downloading apps that, unfortunately, are no longer free.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad, for a limited time:

We guarantee that they are FREE right at the moment of publication of the article. Today, at xx:xx h. (Spanish time) on July 8, 2022.

Abi: A Robot’s Tale :


In the distant future, obsolete house robot Abi finds DD, an industrial robot, hibernating, and together they escape from the warehouse that had become his tomb. Once outside, they discover that humans have vanished from the face of the Earth. What happened to humans and how to explain their disappearance? It’s up to you, Abi and DD to find out.

Download abi

Overrun Premium :


Fight against hordes of zombies. Build your defense. Recruit a unique group of survivors to ensure your victory in the fight against the undead.

Download Overrun

Finding.. :


This game tells us the story of a boy who finds a flower. On his journey, he will experience many adventures and go through many places. Every time we complete a level, we will get a cool image that we can use as wallpaper on our device.

Download Finding

Monsterz Deluxe Minigames :

Monsterz Deluxe

Lots of mini-games with no ads and no in-app purchases. Test your skills and complete hilarious challenges in this relentless fast-paced action game. Uncover secrets and unlock hidden content as you overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

Download Monsterz Minigames

Asketch :


This app is a unique and versatile drawing pad. Enables creativity on the go, anytime, anywhere. Its deliberate simplicity makes it perfect for beginners who want to learn to draw. Likewise, advanced artists will find a wonderful canvas for their cartoons, landscapes, and other subjects.

Download Asketch

jotalicious :


Beautifully designed, engaging shopping assistant that turns plain text lists into color-coded checklists. A tool to keep in mind when shopping.

Download Jotalicious

If you download the apps and then remove them from your devices, you can always download them for FREE, whenever you want. It is a good idea to download all the apps that we discussed in the article.

See you next week with more apps on offer.