The best new games that have just arrived on the APP STORE

Compilation of new games that just landed on the App Store and that they can come in handy for relaxing moments.

Today we bring you a compilation of the new games that have reached the application store of Apple. We name you the most outstanding ones that we have tried and seen. All of them magnificent adventures that will require the best of us to advance in them.

5 are the chosen ones from the large number of novelties that have arrived this week at the App Store. It has been difficult for us to select them, but here you have them.

The 5 best new games that just landed on the App Store:

  • TURMOIL: The oil rush reaches your device. Extract oil like there is no tomorrow and compete against your rivals to become the best black gold businessman. (Game only for iPad).

  • WOBBLERS: Exciting arcade game in which you will take a kind of rocket-propelled platform, with which you will have to take your character to the highest possible level. It is not easy at all since on the way you will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles and take all kinds of Powers-up.

  • RIVAL GEARS RACING: Racing game at high speed and betting, which is delighting everyone who plays it. Great acceptance of this app with impressive graphics and that is sure to give a lot to talk about. Play online and compete with players from all over the world. Bet big and get rich.

  • RHOM BUS: New and original puzzle game that has just hit the App Store. Move tiles, turn them, combine … and get the target word to beat levels and take the animals to their destinations.

  • MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL: A work of art matched with retro inspirations and modern mechanics. A pleasure to play this adventure that we recommend you install.

What do you think? Of the best that has come this week to the App Store.

As always, here we are to share with you the best of the best for your iPhone, iPad, iPod TOUCH and Apple WATCH.