The biggest update of Clash Royale has arrived since its launch

The biggest update to Clash Royale since it was launched last year is now available on the App Store.

It has been more than a year since Clash Royale will arrive on iOS devices and Supercell has been releasing updates but none of them can be compared to the one that was released yesterday and which can be considered the biggest update since the launch of the game itself. .

The most notable new features are the introduction of Leagues in competitive mode, Clan Battles or 2v2, the inclusion of 4 new cards, two of which are legendary, and a new Legendary Arena, the current Legendary Arena being renamed as Arena. Montepuerco.


Leagues can be accessed from 4,000 cups and will be played in them for seasons that take place each month. Depending on the number of cups we have, we will be in one league or another and depending on which league we end the season in, we will get a Chest of choice or another where we ourselves can choose the prizes.

Regarding the Clan Battles, they can be played from March 24 and consist of battles in which we will play with a clanmate against two other players. In these battles each one will have their cards as well as their elixir bar.

Also 4 new cards have been added to the game, two legendary, one common and one special respectively: the bandit, the night witch, the bats and the healing spell. Each new card will be unlocked in a specific arena and the first to arrive in the game will be the bandit on March 24.

In addition, within improvements that can be considered minor, from now on we will be able to see the battles of our clan mates in competitive mode, and the crowns that we get both in challenges and in tournaments will count for the crown chest and for the chests of the clan, which happens to be on weekends.

The update It can be found in the updates tab of the App Store and, regardless of the letters that will arrive with droppers, we will have all the news as soon as we update. If you have not yet download this great game, we encourage you to do so from this link.