The clean tag is shown in the iTunes app, but not in the Music app – iPhone 6, iOS8

Edit: I really do a tag for explicit songs downloaded from iTunes, but as the title indicates, I want to see a tag for clean songs downloaded from iTunes.

I edited some meta data of the song using the mp3tag to render the tag shown in iTunes. This works perfectly, but after syncing the songs to my iPhone, the tag doesn’t show up in the Music application.

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I thought it was a problem with how I tagged, but today I downloaded one of the free songs of the week, which displays a in the iTunes app on my phone. I downloaded and went into it in the Music application, but not show the tag in any playlist, in the song tab or in the Artist tab (navigation to the song in that tab). Also, not he comes shown a or on the Now Playing screen.

How do I view the tag in the Music app? Or the Music app just doesn’t show the tags (and show tags only )?

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Following Stuart H’s comment, I believe the iOS app only for searching for explicit tags on a song because they can be used to set restrictions on the device, clean tags are useless because songs are considered clean unless an explicit tag it has been found. So having a tag for each song would be pretty useless and squash the UI.

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