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The essential apps to have on a new Android smartphone

The essential apps to have on a new Android smartphone

The world of Android smartphones is highly varied because the green robot is present on thousands of different models produced by different companies. From the point of view of app available the choice is even wider with the Play Store, the well-known official Google app store for Android, which contains millions of contents. In addition to this, we must also consider all those apps developed by individual manufacturers and which we find pre-installed on specific models, just think of the Samsung apps that we find on the Galaxy Store.

From here it is quite simple to ask what they are the really important appswhich absolutely we must not get lost on a new Android smartphone. The answer is not simple because the apps that are installed strongly depend on the type of user and use of the smartphone.

The answer we try to give is therefore aimed at a wider audience heterogeneous possible and includes the apps you really should install on first use of a new Android smartphone.


Messaging and video calling

Among the apps that you should surely install immediately on a new Android smartphone we find those for instant messaging. It is good to note that all of the most popular messaging now offer services of video call. Let’s go and see the most popular and interesting ones:


WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps in the world. Its billions of users make it almost mandatory to install on first use.


Telegram is the most popular and, arguably, the most customizable alternative to WhatsApp. Telegram can also count on a substantial number of users. Also on Telegram you will also find our channel dedicated to offers, below you will find the subscription button.


Signal is a messaging platform created and developed by the creator of WhatsApp and has gained a lot of popularity for being very focused on user privacy.

Google Duo

Duo is one of the apps that comes pre-installed on several Android devices, especially on Google’s Pixels. Duo was designed to make video calls, which offer various customization tools. The Chat app, also from Google, allows you to manage instant messaging.


One of the most used and developed aspects of smartphones today is the photographic one, with increasingly powerful cameras and software features dedicated to increasingly advanced photography. And then it is obvious that among the apps to have absolutely on a smartphone we find those to make the most of the photographic sector on your smartphone.

Google Camera

The Google Camera is one of the apps that best exploits the photographic compartments of Android smartphones. The Google Camera is natively found on Google’s Pixels. For several years, however, several third-party ports have been available, which make the Google Camera, and its native functions such as HDR +, Google optimizations and features such as the Magic Eraser, also compatible with other Android models.

Installing a compatible port of the Google Camera on your non-Pixel smartphone is not possible via the Play Store. The installation must be done manually, by downloading the apk suitable for your model and proceeding with the installation. Find more details on the site where all the versions of the port are collected.

Open Camera

Open Camera is one of the most popular third-party apps for taking pictures on Android smartphones. The app is packed with shooting features, including the manual one that allows you to adjust numerous shooting parameters. You can find it on the Play Store.


Snapseed is a Google official app dedicated to Photo editing. Over the years it has not been updated often but offers many alternatives to edit images. You can find it available for free download on the Play Store.

Social Network

Among the apps to recommend, social networks cannot be missing. These obviously do not need any introduction and, in this case, the ones you find in the list are present purely for diffusion merits:

Among the most popular ones, we would also like to point you out BeReala social platform that stands out from the best known for being more attentive to the quality of interactions between users and the quality of shared content.


We use smartphones on a daily basis and therefore they are also one of our means of information. Then among the apps that we would like to recommend there are those dedicated to news. Let’s go and see the most interesting:


It is one of the longest-running apps for managing and consulting news. It recently received a major upgrade to its GUI. It remains one of the feeds that we would like to recommend you the most. You find it free on the Play Store.


Feedly is one of Inoreader’s main rivals among RSS feeds. This app also received a major GUI update recently. You can find it on the Play Store.


Flipboard is another popular news management app. Flipboard has gained a lot of acclaim over time on the Android platform, to the point of being integrated as a pre-installed app in several Samsung devices.


Smartphones are obviously also used in mobilityand then apps for consulting timetables and alternatives can be very useful public transport. Let’s clarify that the alternatives you are about to read have many points in common with Google Maps, the app that comes pre-installed by Google, which now covers many functions for public transport that were not present before.


Moovit is one of the longest-running and up-to-date apps in the SamaGame. The app allows you to check the timetables and availability of public transport in many cities around the world. You can find it for free on the Play Store.


Citymapper it looks a lot like Google Maps, to the point that it is able to calculate routes and itineraries. The app is mainly focused on public transport and works great in major Italian and European cities. You can find it for free on the Play Store.

Train timetable

If you are a commuter on trains then it could be very useful Train timetable. The app offers very detailed information on train timetables and their status in real time throughout the country. You can find it available for free download on the Play Store.


Finally, let’s look at the apps that might come in handy in different situations, those apps you should have always at handwhether you are in business or domestic contexts.

Adobe Scan

So many times we find ourselves in the situation in which we are asked to digitize a document. Adobe Scan is one of the best solutions. It offers the scanning of documents, even in automatic mode, to then be able to customize them in different ways. The app is totally free.

Swiss Army knife

To close we leave you a joker that can always be useful, especially in situations practicessuch as when you find yourself doing some chores around the house.