The future of the System Shock brand – Tencent will subsidize the three

After more than half a year of silence, OtherSide Entertainment’s social media accounts have finally revived and confirmed the speculations from a few days ago. Well, there was an announcement that Tencent would actually finance further development System Shock seriesand especially its third, which is currently under development.

OtherSide Entertainment representatives do not hide their satisfaction with the concluded contract. According to them, as an independent studio they had huge problems with independently handling such a large project as it is System Shock 3. This is confirmed by the problems that this team had to deal with in recent months. After breaking off cooperation with the Swedish Starbreeze, she fell into financial problems, which resulted in numerous layoffs. The studio believes that thanks to Tencent’s money, as well as its “capabilities and experience as a leading company in the gaming industry,” it will not only be possible to complete System Shock 3, but also to bring the whole series to a new level. Whether this will actually happen, we should find out in the near future.

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System Shock is officially in the hands of Tencent.

However, this entire deal doesn’t mean Tencent completely acquires the rights to the brand System Shock. These are still owned by Nightdive, which only makes them available to OtherSide Entertainment. Informed about it on Twitter Stephen Kick, president of the company.

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