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  5. The hot summer of Android Auto: the news coming in the coming months

The hot summer of Android Auto: the news coming in the coming months

The hot summer of Android Auto: the news coming in the coming months

Summer is coming for everyone, even for Android Auto: the Google operating system designed for vehicles is in fact preparing for receive various news in the coming monthswhich will undoubtedly improve the user experience of the OS.

The new system view, known by its code name Coolwalkwill in all likelihood be the first to arrive: it is essentially a new graphical interface that allows the user to view multiple items on the screen, for a total of three apps. For example, with the new interface it will be possible to place the multimedia player, the screen relating to the latest notifications received and obviously the map with all the relevant information on the display. Also, thanks to this feature, Android Auto will be able to natively adapt to screens with “odd shapes”different from the classic 16: 9 rectangle we are all used to.

The second important change will concern the possibility of receive intelligent suggestions on actions to be taken: Google Assistant will therefore be able recommend quick replies to messages received while driving or will allow you to easily share your arrival time with a friend. In addition to these interesting features, unfortunately there will also be a goodbye: the Android Auto smartphone app will soon be no longer availableand therefore it will be necessary to have a compatible car or infotainment system to use the Google OS.

Finally, it is worth talking about a feature not yet officially announced, but of which there are small clues scattered throughout Android Auto: we are talking about the possibility of cast youtube or other video streaming apps to your car display. Unfortunately, however, we do not know when this feature will actually be released and therefore it could take many months before we see it in action on Android Auto.