The iPhone SE 3 is selling little

Manzana has reduced the production of its new iPhone SE 3 since it is selling much less than expected and desired by those in Cupertino.

iPhone SE 3

As we all know the iPhone SE 2022 is exactly the same, in design, as the iPhone SE 2020so the phone’s chassis is a carbon copy of the iPhone 8: Home button and glass on the back that supports wireless charging. But the current iPhone SE It has 5G, although in Spain it is still in the development phase, and the A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13.

One of the Nikkei Asia reports indicates that Manzana has significantly reduced production, mainly due to external factors such as inflation and the war in Ukraine. His sales estimate is now between 15 and 20 million, when Manzana he forecast 25 to 30 million when he launched it on the market.

My take on the iPhone SE 3:

I have always said and believed that the new iPhone SE will be the iPhoneMini. I do not understand, although I want, the movement of Manzana when renewing the iPhone SE this year, when if he had waited one more year he could have saved himself the bump that gets into sales this year. The iPhone 14 Mini It will not be released, according to rumors, so the design that Apple premiered on the iPhone 12 Mini will be used for the future iPhone SE (according to my opinion and that of more and more people), and if Manzana Had it been released next year it would have sold much more than expected, I’m sure.

Those from Cupertino are going to stop manufacturing, according to them, the iPhoneMini because their sales were so low, but I don’t believe them, although most people did. It was all a matter of marketing because they had this move in mind for a long time. They wanted to convert iPhoneMini on iPhone SE. But what they haven’t done well, in my humble opinion, is release it now.

The rise in price of a “cheap” phone is not very understandable either, that of finding the iPhone 11 at €60 difference… . I have tried the iPhone 11I have had it and it is still around the house, and I know many people who have tried the iPhone SE 2022 and from what I’ve been told about it, I’m sticking with 11. Looking ahead, the price hike may make sense. I think Apple is not going to sell the iPhoneMini for less than €500 and the current iPhone SE It costs €529 in its basic 64Gb model.

Do you also think like me and do you believe that the iPhoneMini will be the new I KNOW?.