The iPod service cannot be installed

Since time immemorial (at least 12 years) installing a new version of iTunes on Windows has been a ritual to circumvent the installer’s apparent inability to replace the iPod service.

To correctly update iTunes in Windows 7 (and previously in Win2K and XP) it is necessary to manually terminate all Apple services (iPod Service, AppleMobileDeviceService, iTunes Helper, mDNSResponder) and then perform the installation using the “Run as administrator “, even if your login is a member of the local administrative group. Failure to perform any of the above operations indicates that the “iPod cannot be installed” service is delayed in installation, at which point the only solution is to delete, restart and reinstall.

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Lately (12.4) even after all these steps, an error still occurs in the installation of the iPod service.

Anyone have any information on why this issue has been substantially solved since iTunes for Windows was initially released and if there is an unsustainable way to update iTunes?

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The most common source of this error is that Sysinternals Process Explorer is running. Check the systray / taskmanager and close it if its running.


I usually close everything and it works later.

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