The Last of Us 2 – Naughty Dog accused of illegal use of a song

The singer accuses the creators of The Last of Us: Part II.


  • singer Lotte Kestner accused Naughty Dog studio of illegal use of her cover of the song True Faith;
  • it is about a song that appeared in the last trailer of The Last of Us: Part II;
  • The tweet of the accusations has already disappeared from the network, but the comparison of the songs suggests that something may be up.
  • The creators of The Last of Us: Part II have been accused of copyright infringement. It’s about a song that can be heard while watching the latest trailer of the said production. Singer Lotte Kestner claims the version of the song used in the trailer True Faith by New Order is a plagiarism of her cover of this track (via IGN).

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    Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog – hey, are you aware that the True Faith cover you used in the trailer for The Last of Us 2 is a replica of my cover that was released 10 years ago? I wrote the parts that are not in the original song, and they were copied exactly by the person who made the cover. You broke my heart – wrote the artist.

    The Last of Us 2 – Naughty Dog accused of illegal use of a songLotte Kestner. Source: Bandcamp.

    You can find Lotte Kestner’s piece at this address, and the original by New Order can be heard here. We remind you of The Last of Us: Part II trailer below. The snippet that Lotte Kestner was most likely meant is about 45 seconds (in her version of the song it is placed around 3 minutes and 30 seconds).

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    In fact, the similarity is hard to miss. Perhaps when choosing the soundtrack, the developers obtained a license from New Order, and not from Lotte Kestner (such situations sometimes happen in shobusiness).

    Interestingly, the artist’s tweet has already been deleted – maybe she decided to withdraw from the allegation or the matter was raised in a private conversation. Naughty Dog studio is on the home straight – since the premiere of The Last of Us: Part II We are only two weeks apart. In this situation, developers may very much care to avoid additional controversy – especially around the game anyway a lot of bad happened.

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