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The latest beta version of Android Auto introduces new games

The latest beta version of Android Auto introduces new games

Android Auto is designed to help you keep your eyes on the road instead of playing games on your phone. But it seems that the developers of the Android Auto beta version they want to give you something to do when you are parked, and that is play. Rather than being full games like Cyberpunk 2077 on a Tesla, GearSnacks is an app that hosts a bunch of HTML5 games for the Android Auto app.

GearSnacks was first discovered in a Reddit thread and then explored further by XDA thanks to an APK teardown. Now SmartDroid (via Android Police) has found the new GearSnacks app in the latest Android Auto beta update.

Google didn’t have much to say about GearSnacks. However, he told us that it is part of his beta program “to test new applications and experiences and get feedback on Android Auto.”

If the name “GearSnacks” sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because GameSnacks is a web portal created by Google’s Area 120 team. The portal offers a host of HTML5-based games designed to run on lower-powered devices like the best Android Go phones. These phones are generally limited to 1GB of RAM and do not have access to 4G LTE networks, much less 5G networks. Specifications like this make Android Auto units perfect candidates for lightweight games that can be played when you’re just waiting for some friends.

The introduction of GearSnacks comes after an update earlier this year that added some voice-only games like Jeopardy and TriviaCrack.

To be clear, it’s not that you’re going to find the best Android games listed in the Android Auto beta; however, you will find games that are designed to help kill time. In particular, games available through GearSnacks cannot be launched unless parked. This should be an obvious addition, but at least there wasn’t an oversight that allowed you to turn these games on while they were on the go.