The most interesting new apps arriving on iPhone in the last week

We tell you what were the new apps for iPhone and iPad, highlights of the week. We bring you five apps so you can have a great time over the next few days.

New apps for iOS devices

Again Thursday and, again, we bring you the most interesting releases of the week. new apps that have caught our attention, among the many that have come to the app store in recent days, and that we named you in one of our star sections.

This week we bring you interesting tools to free up storage space on your iPhone and iPad, games shooter, music apps… a compilation of novelties that will surely make you enjoy and make the most of your device.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These games have appeared on the app store between June 16 and 23, 2022.

Simple Cleaner: Clean Storage :


App that helps you easily and quickly free up your phone’s storage by deleting and rearranging duplicate contacts, photos and videos. A highly downloaded and highly rated tool since its recent release. Of course, we warn you that to use all the functions you must subscribe.

Download Simple Cleaner

InClowdz – Cloud Transfer :


Want to transfer or sync files between cloud drives? Download this app. No more tedious “copy and paste” time wasters. Transferring files from one of your cloud drives to another is now easier than ever. Set up all your cloud drives on InClowdz once and enjoy one-click file transfer between them.

Download InClowdz

BLEASS Monolit :

BLEASS Monolit

Mono synthesizer inspired by the BLEASS Alpha and BLEASS Omega synthesizers. This app combines the rich analog sound and intuitive ease of use of BLEASS Alpha with the creative expressiveness of BLEASS Omega. The result is a compact and efficient mono synth tailor-made for thundering basses, blistering solos, shimmering arpeggios, and otherworldly SFX.

Download BLEASS Monolith

Recoil Gunner – Shooter :

Recoil Gunner

Destroy enemies with your upgraded ship and accurate shots. Shoot enemies as you move with your weapon’s recoil, slingshot action. Shoot and destroy enemies while dodging increasingly intense attacks to achieve a higher score. Every time you level up, you can acquire new modules to improve your ship. Build your own custom build with the modules.

Download Recoil Gunner

Lifeline: Beside You in Time :

life line

This new adventure finds a hapless astronaut on the other side of a black hole, relying only on you to help him make life or death decisions in a playable, branching story of survival in the depths of unknown space. We warn that it is only in English.

Download Lifeline

We hope you liked all these five apps and that they come in handy for the next few days.

We are waiting for you next week with new and interesting app releases for your iOS devices.