The most outstanding new apps for iPhone and iPad of the week

We analyze the premieres that have arrived at the app store and we name the five best. A fantastic way to meet new apps that can come from pearls.

New apps for your iPhone

Our weekly compilation of new apps for iPhone and iPad. A section that allows you to know the best releases launched in the Apple application store, during the last week.

Today we show you a selection of apps and games that you will surely love. We have liked them a lot and that is why we name them so that you can at least try them. All but two of them are free.

New apps released on the App Store:

Below we highlight the applications released between April 28 and May 5, 2022.

MyFace: Skin Uplift, Curology :


This app is developed to take care of the skin of your face. It was created with the support of skin experts and will allow you to improve your facial skin, get rid of wrinkles, eliminate double chin and keep your skin toned. It has more than 100+ videos, a personalized program, facial massage courses, fast and effective exercises… .

Download MyFace

Revolv AR :

Revolv AR

Augmented reality (AR) app that dynamically visualizes the sound of your records in real time. A cyclical sound wave graph is emitted from the turntable’s stylus, following the circular motion of the records and simultaneously reacting to the audio content in real time. Sonic analysis of frequency bands (treble, mid, bass, etc.) and their corresponding volume informs both the color and movement of these waveforms, bringing the sound of the record to life.

Download Revolv AR

Gameworld Master :

Gameworld Master

You are the owner of the Game world. Gather as many people as possible, allowing them to participate in the game and getting a lot of money to expand your world.

Download Gameworld Master

knotwords :


Minimalist and elegant logic puzzle, with words. The rules are simple: arrange the letters in each section so that each word is valid, from side to side and down. Each riddle may seem difficult at first but it gets easier as you go along. Each step naturally guides you towards the solution. We advise that it is in English.

Download Knotwords

chantlings :


Singing app for iPhone and iPad. It was developed for anyone brave enough to explore the colors and shapes of their voice. Headphones recommended.

Download Chantlings

Without further ado and hoping to have discovered apps of your interest, see you next week with new apps for your device iOS.