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The new WhatsApp voice calls are here

The new WhatsApp voice calls are here

From WhatsApp They have released a new update for iOS and the new voice calls that would come to the application are now available.

The new WhatsApp voice calls are here

A few months ago, thanks to the different betas of the application WhatsApp We learned that from the app they were working on redesigning voice calls between more than two people, an aspect that was not very polished in the application.

Even though this feature was discovered in the betas of WhatsApp later than other functions that were being tested (such as reactions) has arrived before the final version of the application. This way you can check if we updated the application to the latest version.

This novelty in voice calls was not expected to arrive so soon

Now with the latest version of the app and with its redesign of voice calls from WhatsApp we can make voice calls up to 32 people. In this way, it is practically impossible for someone to be left out of them.

In addition, we must mention the redesign that was already known to arrive. It is quite interesting and makes the “room” in which the up to 32 participants meet has a totally new design. They present all the users that are in them and show, in a prominent way, who is speaking at the moment with the audio waves.

The new design that could be seen in the beta phase

With this update, in addition, they have also updated the design of the voice message bubbles and the screens related to the information of the contacts and the groups of which we are a part, as well as some other minor improvements related to sending and access to multimedia content.

As is often the case with this type of news, if you have updated and cannot see the redesign of the voice calls of WhatsAppIt will be a matter of time. And it is quite likely that it will gradually be rolled out to all users. What do you think about the latest news? WhatsApp who have come with this update?