The old WhatsApp statuses return with the name “INFO”

The old WhatsApp statuses are back under the name “INFO”.

We already said it in its day. The ancients WhatsApp statuses would return to be implemented in the app in future updates. That just happened. It has been hours since the application has been updated to version 2.17.10 with some new features, among which the one that gives the title to this news stands out.

And it is that, apparently, the complaints of the users regarding the disappearance of the typical phrases that accompanied the profiles of the users, have been so many that they have had to back down and reinstate them.

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Besides that, the “failure” of the new states of WhatsApp, has accelerated the return of these states, now called INFO.


Below we break down and explain everything new that this new update brings:

  • Write what you want in the section of your profile called INFO. If we access the Settings of the app and click on our name, this “new” option will appear at the bottom. By clicking on it, we can edit it at will.

The old WhatsApp statuses return with the name “INFO”

  • From now on we can play the videos without having to wait for them to download first. These will be downloaded as they play. This means that when we receive a long video, before we had to wait a long time to be able to see it since it had to be downloaded first. Now that will not happen. We can see it as soon as we receive it and it will be downloaded while we enjoy it.
  • New function in the WhatsApp camera. A moon appears in the upper right. If we press it, it will allow us to capture better photos and videos when we are somewhere with low light.
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The old WhatsApp statuses return with the name “INFO”

  • When you edit a photo, you can crop it, instantly, by pressing and holding the crop icon. It was difficult for us to reveal this function but in the end we have found it. When we want to cut out a part of an image, we will have to focus it by zooming in and when we have it in focus, we will press and hold the crop icon so that part of the photo is cut out. Very useful.

The old WhatsApp statuses return with the name “INFO”

What do you think of the news? The most relevant, from our point of view, has been the return of the old whatsapp statuses, now called INFO.

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