The premiere of the Xbox Series X / S. The new generation of consoles has started

Today, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles from Microsoft debuted on the market. With their premiere, a new era of gaming began. The devices went on sale simultaneously in most countries, including Poland.

The XSX model offers a larger hard drive and stronger components. Its suggested retail price on the Polish market is PLN 2249. The Xbox Series S is weaker and has a smaller drive, but it costs only PLN 1349.

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    The premiere is accompanied by an event called X-FEST, i.e. a virtual festival planned for ten days, created with Polish players in mind. From today to November 19, every day on the Xbox Poland YouTube channel we will be able to watch gameplays from games, materials presenting stories of popular series or interviews with developers and popular YouTubers. Every day, broadcasts will start at 18:00.

    It is also worth mentioning that yesterday on the mentioned channel there was an extensive stream, during which players’ questions about new consoles were answered.

    Of course, the debut of the Xbox Series X / S is only the first salvo in the new console war. In the US and several other countries, Sony will enter the battlefield on November 12 this year. In Poland, however, Microsoft will be without competition for over a week, because in our country PS5 will not be released until November 19.

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