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The price of the iPhone 14 is going to change

The price of the iPhone 14 is going to change

I’ll tell you what I think about the price change they’re going to receive, I think, the new iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Prototypes

Since Manzana launched on the market iPhone Xin 2017, all iPhone subsequent ones have inherited its price, €1,159 for the basic model. But let us remember that both the iPhone XAs the iPhone XS or the iPhone 11Pro they were 64 Gb, in its basic version. The iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 Prohave kept that price, but increased the basic capacity to 128 Gb.

Added new features to iPhone every year, but they still cost the same. New capacities, which went from 64 to 128 Gb, and continued to cost the same. New phones, but iPhonePro They still cost the same.The iPhoneMini prices fell to €809, the iPhone “normal” were put at €909 and the Pro continued at €1,159 but with 128 Gb of memory.

It’s about time that Manzana make some excuse and raise prices to make cash. What I don’t know is the excuse that he will make, although he can allege many: invasion, pandemic, micro chip crisis… .

I think Apple will raise the price of its iPhone:

thinking and thinking Manzana is not characterized as an NGO and its devices are very expensive, although with a very long shelf life. For me, because at work it compensates me to change my phone every year, but I know people who have a iPhone X or a iPhone XS and it works perfectly for them.

I have a theory that I hope will not come true because of what it brings me, although I believe it will come to pass. Since it is unofficial, that it is not official, that Manzana will present 4 terminals iPhone 14 will cost the same as iPhone 13€909, the iPhone 14Maxwill exceed €1,000 and the iPhone 14 Pro will cost the same as iPhone 13 ProMax and the iPhone 14 ProMax it will be €100 more expensive than the current one. I repeat: I hope I’m wrong, but I think not.

Having seen this, I am not sure which one I will go for this year. I will surely continue with him Probut if the deferences are not very great, I may bet on the “normal”, and you?