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These are the news that come with iOS 16 to our iPhone

These are the news that come with iOS 16 to our iPhone

The key note which has started the WWDC 2022 has come to an end and we already know the news that will come with iOS 16 our iPhone.

iOS 16 is here

They are already here. Two of the most anticipated updates during the key note of the WWDC 2022 they have already been presented and we know many of their details. We talked, how could it be otherwise, about iOS 16 Y iPad OS 16future updates for iPhone Y iPad. And now we tell you the news of iOS 16.

These are the news that will arrive with iOS 16:

This update completely redesigns the lock screen of the iPhone. With it we can almost completely customize the lock screen by changing the color and shape of the information displayed on it.

And not only that, but we can also add widgets and relevant information to always have it at hand. Widgets that, from what has seemed in the presentation, will be interactive, which indicates that they may also expand those already present in the system.

According to the lock screen notifications should also be mentioned. Now they appear at the bottom of the screen and their appearance can be configured, even making them “disappear”. And not only that, but we will be able to configure different lock screens so that each one adjusts to one of the Concentration Modes.

The new iOS 16 lock screen

We also find news regarding Messages. These include the ability to edit and delete sent messages, as well as new ways to Collaborate and share items, and the Share Play.

Mail it’s also updated to include improved search and the ability to schedule and undo sends. And regarding Photos, iOS 16 It allows us to share our photos and videos with our family members in an intelligent way with different parameters.

There are also many other novelties, such as the Access keys to replace passwords; live text in the videos; shortcuts without the need to configure them; substantial improvements in maps; Manzana payment Later to postpone the payment of our purchases or the possibility of tracking orders from the app Purse; as well as improvements in privacy and security, in the Health app or in the app House.

Of course, we are sure that there are still many new features that will be discovered in the betas. But the truth is that the update of iOS 16 looks quite interesting. What novelty do you like the most?