These WhatsApp news are now available on iPhone

With the latest update they have arrived whatsapp news that we already announced a while ago and that are finally available to all users of iOS. If you want to know them, do not stop reading.

whatsapp news

The new version 22.12.73 of WhatsApp brings news to all users. This implementation has been, as they always do, gradual and for example to us, after updating 6 days ago, we have recently received them. This means that surely you also have them available on your iPhone.

Many new features have come to WhatsApp in recent months such as reactions to messages, hide the profile picture, last time, info… whoever we want… and there are still many others to come, such as the power leave groups without a trace.

More participants in the groups, increase in the limit of megabytes in file transfers and the possibility of hiding the profile image, last time and info. from your profile:

WhatsApp has just implemented the increase to 2 GB of the limit for file transfers between users. The file sharing capabilities in the app have become a key feature of the service and the app has been going since 2017 without increasing the 100 MB limit that we had until now.

The default maximum size of group chats has also been increased from 256 to 512 users as a limit. This will come in handy for large communities that were unable to add more users to their chats.

And another of the novelties that have just arrived, which for us is the most important, is the possibility of choosing which contacts to show or not, our profile image, last time and info.

Choose who to show your WhatsApp profile information to

Without a doubt, 3 new functions that will surely help us get much more out of the app and improve our privacy.