Tim Cook says Apple is working on new product categories and some really great stuff

“There will be new categories.” That’s what Tim Cook told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview regarding the buyback of more than $ 14 billion in Apple stock. “We are not willing to talk about it, but we are working on some really great things.”

Over the past 15 months the price of the stock has fluctuated a bit, and although it is still well below the value of $ 700 per share that it reached a little less than a year and a half ago, there is enough reason to believe that its price will grow and a lot this year.

A good clue is the fact that during the last 15 months Apple has made 21 acquisitions of relatively small companies, but with quite interesting technologies and patents and that indicate that Apple is working on things as uninteresting.

Well, Tim Cook has been in charge of making things clear, although he did not dare to give any kind of clue about what kind of news we will see.

During the interview, Cook was asked why they bought small businesses and passed up big deals, to which Cook responded:

“The fact that we have historically gone for smaller offerings does not mean that the company is not going to pull the trigger on a large acquisition if it makes sense.

We have looked at large companies. And we have no problem going over 10 figures for the right company. “

I’m not sure what new product categories Apple will introduce, but I have the impression that whatever they are will send Apple’s stock price skyrocketing.