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Today’s Best FREE iPhone Apps for a Limited Time

Today’s Best FREE iPhone Apps for a Limited Time

Run and download, as soon as possible, you are free apps for a limited time. We know when they are free but not when they are going to become paid.

Paid apps that are free

Friday is the day chosen to share with you the limited-time free apps for iPhone and iPad. Some offers that we advise you to take advantage of because we do not know when these five apps will be free again.

Be warned that if trying to download these apps on sale costs you money, you’re going to have to be quicker next week. That is why we recommend you visit us more frequently or follow us on social networks so that, as soon as the article appears, run to download the apps.

In our telegram channelwe share daily the most outstanding offers that are appearing in the app store. If you want to save and download paid apps without paying, you have to follow us yes or yes.

Offers are available at the time of publishing this article. Right at 10:04 p.m. (Spain) on June 10, 2022.

Album Flow Pro :

Album Flow Pro

This app is the best solution to bring Cover Flow back to your device. You can use it on all your devices, it doesn’t matter if it’s an iPad or a Mac. The app tries to populate your music library with metadata. This means that if you didn’t add an image, but the artist and album are correct, it will most likely find and download the missing cover.

Download Album Flow Pro

Dare the Monkey: Deluxe :

dare the monkey

Extremely addictive and super casual one-touch platformer that evokes the spirit of classic arcade and console games. It’s a love letter to the golden age of video games, expertly reimagined for mobile. Also available for Apple Watch.

Download Dare the Monkey

Translate-Easy Translation :

Translate-Easy Translation

Do you want to talk to people in their own language? Then this easy to use yet powerful translation app is for you.

Download Translate-Easy Translation

Painttiles :


Paint the tiles to make matches and clean the board. You are given three colors to paint mosaics. As you gain the skills to solve increasingly challenging puzzles, you’re faced with new mechanics: dissolving earth, bombs, rainbow tiles, all of which make you think in new and interesting ways.

Download Painttiles

BreatheIn: Calm Breathing :


If we breathe deeply, slowly and regularly, our mind calms down. Concentration on our breath makes us feel alive. You can unite your mind and body to work together with the help of breathing exercises. At BreatheIn they have chosen all the breathing practices and tried all the exercises for themselves.

Download BreatheIn

We remember that if you download them and then delete them, you can always download them again FREE whenever you want. That is why it is always good to take advantage of these offers. You never know, but one day we may need the named apps.

Without further ado, see you in seven days here or on the channel Telegramwith the most interesting free apps for a limited time of the moment.