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Translate 3, the app with which to translate webs from Safari

Translate 3, the app with which to translate webs from Safari

Do you constantly need to translate from Safari into multiple languages? If so, you should try Translate 3, because thanks to this app you won’t have to leave the browser anymore.

Translate 3 is an application that allows you to translate from Safari in more than 100 languages. Its operation is very simple, since it acts as an extension of Safari. In addition, the translation can be both written and with sound.


For Translate 3 to work, we will have to enable its extension from Safari. To do this, you will have to open the browser, click on the share icon and, in the extensions and more section, click on the three-point icon and search and enable Translate 3. When enabling the extension, we will only have to click on it from the page to be translated to use it.

Options for translating in written form

By clicking on the extension, Translate 3 will open your app within Safari and show us some options. Among them we find the option to choose the language to which we want to translate the page and if we want the translation to be written or spoken, as well as if we want to translate the entire page or by paragraphs.

From the Translate 3 app, we will not be able to do much, since it is based on the extension for Safari. Mostly we can access Settings and help in case we do not understand something about the app.

The Translate 3 app

As is the case with most translators, Translate 3 is not foolproof when it comes to translating. We can find some errors in the translation, especially if we translate infrequent languages, but it is still a fantastic app to take into account.

Therefore we recommend you download this app to TRANSLATE FROM SAFARI WEBS, since we will never know when we may need a utility like this.