Turn off Instagram live video alerts

Do not receive more notices of live videos from Instagram by deactivating this option and therefore saving some battery on the iPhone.

Today we are going to teach you disable Instagram live video notifications, a new option in this social network and that carries with it these notices that sometimes can be quite annoying.

We already told you about the live videos of Instagram, you can see it HERE to know how to do them. Undoubtedly a good option and once again, somewhat controversial with its great resemblance to Facebook direct or Periscope itself. Whether it is a copy or not, we agree that it is a good option and that it is being widely used.

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But, something that has bothered us these days was receiving that notification every time someone broadcast live, that is why we show you to deactivate this option.


What we have to do is go to our profile and once in said profile, click on the settings of our account, that icon of the gears that appears at the top right.

Turn off Instagram live video alerts

Inside, we will have a tab with the name of “Notifications settings”. It will be here where we have to click to configure these notifications.

Turn off Instagram live video alerts

We scroll through this entire menu to the bottom, where we see a section for live videos. Here we can select if we want to activate these notifications or deactivate them. Obviously we do not want to have them activated, therefore we select the other option.

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Turn off Instagram live video alerts

Now we have the Instagram live video notifications completely disabled and we will not receive any notice. But don’t worry, we’re going to continue watching the live videos in the stories.

Therefore, if you are one of those who are bothered by these notifications, you already know how you can deactivate them and save a little battery.