Turn your iPhone into an on-board computer for your car

If your car does not have on-board computer with your iPhone and this application you will have a very complete one to make up for its absence.

Most cars of recent years have a integrated on-board computer. These have improved a lot thanks to CarPlay, thus avoiding that, for safety, we use the mobile at the wheel. Although almost all the new ones have it, there are still old cars on the road and if you want to have one without having to invest, you can get it thanks to this app, Drive Box HD.

The functions and simplicity of the app act as an on-board computer in the car

The application is intended to be used by placing our phone in a medium on the dashboard and has all the functions of a true on-board computer.

The main screen of the application

These functions are the most varied. Through the main screen we can access all of them. The first one is music and we can put and control the music we have on our device without leaving the app. In addition, we can access a multitude of radios from various countries from the second function.

We can also see the videos that we have on our device, as well as looking for others to play them from Youtube using the third and fourth functions. Fifthly, we can perform searches and to access to Internet. These features should not be used on the road due to distractions, but they can be useful if you stop for a rest.

Probably the most useful functions are the following. We can configure the Gps to know the route to somewhere from the application itself and we can also perform calls without leaving it, easily viewing the contacts.

Some of the radios that can be tuned

We can also configure a notice from speed. For this we will have to choose the speed at which we want to be notified from the settings of the app and activate it. In this way, the app will notify us when we exceed the established speed.

It is a very complete and recommended app for the car. Of course, there are functions that should not be used while driving due to the danger that their use can generate.