Twitter is already pausing public verification

Just eight days after announcing the restart of its long-paused Bluecheck public verification process, Twitter announced on Friday that we are sorry, it has been inundated with requests and will temporarily ignore new applications from users until it has been fixed lag.

Until this last breath, Twitter had not allowed members of the public to request verification of the entire site since the beginning of the Trump administration (after they went and verified an actual ****). In December, the company implemented new rules on who can be verified and what the Twitter verification process will look like.

Journalists, brands, government officials, activists, and other publicly recognized Internet personalities needed to be quickly tracked for approval; this assuming that they could provide evidence, in the form of government identification, company head or professional profile that refers to their social identifier, that they were what we thought they were.

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There is no word yet from the company on when the process for new applicants for public Twitter verification could be reopened. However, we have a legally binding pinky oath that it will eventually happen.