Uninstall an app on Honor View 10

Uninstalling an app from your Honor View 10 will free up storage space on your smartphone. This way, when you stop using an app or the app never sends you too many notifications, you can uninstall it. However, there are two types of applications that can be installed on your Honor View 10: the original applications and those that you have installed yourself. We will see in this guide that the manipulation to uninstall these two types of applications is not the same. To get started, find out how to uninstall an app on your Honor View 10 in the usual way. We will see in a second moment what to do to uninstall an application with a third-party application. And then we will see the technique to uninstall an application pre-installed by the manufacturer.

Uninstall an Honor View 10 app using the settings menu

To uninstall an app from your Honor View 10 in the usual way is super easy. To do this, go to the menu parameters from Honor View 10, and then in the tab Application. Once done, you will see all the apps that are installed on Honor View 10. You will then need to select the app to uninstall and select uninstall. you can whenever you want delete app data. This allows you to free up storage space on Honor View 10. When it’s ok, Honor View 10 will show you: Uninstall complete.

Delete an application from Honor View 10 with a specialized application

Assuming you want to make your life easier and completely uninstall Honor View 10 apps, there are specialized apps for that. Therefore, we suggest that you use an application like Perfect Uninstaller. This will allow you to quickly sort and uninstall all the applications on your Honor View 10.

Uninstall the applications installed by default on your Honor View 10

Unfortunately, there are some applications that are very difficult to uninstall. In fact, the system apps or the apps pre-installed by the Honor View 10 manufacturer are not easy to uninstall. There are 2 options available to you:

  • Disable apps: When your Honor View 10 is not rooted, this is the easiest solution. In fact, it consists of inactivating the application, without uninstalling it. To do this, go to: Settings / Applications and select Deactivate.
  • Root your Honor View 10 – To be able to uninstall system apps, you need permissions that can only be obtained with a rooted laptop. If you ever want to try this option, check out our Honor View 10 rooting guide.