Unlock a forgotten model on the Alcatel 3X

Usually we forget the diagram that I set up on the Alcatel 3X. If this happens, the laptop lock screen remains locked because we no longer know how to repeat the correct pattern. When you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, your laptop is not irrevocably locked. We found solutions to unlock Alcatel 3X when you forget the diagram. First we will find out what to do to unlock the model with your Google account. Then we will learn how to use Android device manager to unlock Alcatel 3X. Finally, we will learn how to reset Alcatel 3X, if it is still stuck.

Unlock Alcatel 3X lock screen model with your Google account

When you still can’t remember the graph you set on your Alcatel 3X, this is what to do. You have to do it first 5 times a bad model on Alcatel 3X. So this will lock the Alcatel 3X for 30 seconds and it should show a button at the bottom of the screen. Forgotten model. Click this button to access the recovery page. When you are on this page, you must enter your information. Google account or yours Pin code. When the information is correct, the Alcatel 3X home screen will be unlocked.

Go to Android Device Manager to unlock Alcatel 3X

When the above procedure doesn’t work, you can use device administrator to unlock the Alcatel 3X scheme. To do this, you must go to and log in with your Google account associated with Alcatel 3X. When you’re done, you need to click Close with key. The interface will ask you to enter a new password that will unlock your Alcatel 3X. All you have to do is test to see if it works well.

Reset Alcatel 3X in case of a forgotten diagram

When the first 2 methods don’t work for you, there is a final technique to unlock Alcatel 3X in case you forget a model. This technique involves restarting your Alcatel 3X phone. To do this, you will need to start Alcatel 3X in recovery mode and perform a Factory reset. Feel free to follow our tutorial to reset Alcatel 3X.