Use Remote PS4 on any Android not just Sony

Surely you have seen on television the new advertisement for Iniesta and his Sony mobiles, being able to perfectly play video games on his Playstation 4 on Xperia smartphones. Well now thanks to a trick We can enjoy them on the other Android KitKat without the need for a mobile phone from the Japanese brand.

The thing is not to make our mobile a PS4 emulator machine (which is impossible at this point) but to play using PS4 Remote Play that was announced recently. As we knew, the Ps Vita was already compatible with PS3 and it was also made with PS4 and now it has reached the Smartphones of the same company, but we are not really required to have only one Sony device as the ad makes us believe. When used in an Android OS it was very likely that it would end up reaching other devices with the Google system and it has been.

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There was a version that was already circulating on the network but its tutorial it seemed somewhat complicated. The one that we are going to show you is much simpler and we do not necessarily have to be root users, which is why it is valid for any user who has Android KitKat 4.4.

Step 1: It is recommended to use routers and connections Wi-Fi with 5 GHz to be fluid the connection.

Step 2: We will download the file ‘RemotePlayPortV0.6.1.apk‘. If we already had a previous version installed. We will have to uninstall it and reinstall it, not make an update because it could cause us problems.

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Step 3: To make the console command work, we do have to be root. This step is optional, only in the case of the remote. We will download ‘DualShockManager.apk’ and move it to the / system / app folder by changing the permissions to ‘RW-R-R’ where R = read and W = write. Later we will restart Android.

Step 4: Another optional step, only for those of us who already enjoy (or not so much) the latest Google system, Android Lollipop. We open the following ports that can cause us problems with this 5.0 system. TCP 9295, TCP 9293, TCP from 9296 to 9297.

For any problem you may have or suggestion, you can do it on the web that we already put you above XDA. In just two steps we can take a Fifa 15 from our Samsung, Nexus or any other Android terminal with version 4.4.

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